The 405 Fantasy Band Hello, how are you? Excited about the start of the new football season? No? Me neither. I mean I like to watch it every now and then but other than that it tends to all fly over my head like a stray penalty. Anyway, I digress, the reason I’m talking about the ‘beautiful’ game is the ultimate daydream of all card-carrying football fans, the default pre and post match banter; the fantasy football team. But why should it apply just to football? Before the football frenzy once more consumes the nation, I think we should remind everyone that us musical types can have dreams too. So, without further ado... At the back it’d have to be Joey Castillo, who is currently on fine form at home on the skins with Queens of the Stone Age and occasionally on loan to Eagles of Death Metal. Castillo became an overnight success in the Queens camp after a snap decision by team captain Josh Homme to add him to the line up one day before the tour began. Since then Joey has consistently displayed his natural gift of power but also a subtle delicacy that belies his considerable size. Commentator’s Comment: He’s like a bull in a china shop. But a bull with a classical ballet training, in a china shop of percussion. Adding weight to the squad on bass guitar would be Chi Cheng, a legend during his time with Sacramento’s finest, Deftones. When he played, Cheng was a one man wall; filling every gap and leaving nothing exposed. In my opinion there hasn’t been another player quite like him since the accident which cut him (and Deftones) down in his stride. Never content to sit and wait at the back, Chi pushed forward the boundaries of the bass guitar, making it and him an integral part of Deftones history. Commentator’s Comment: He took an understated role in the team and made it a vital part of the strategy. A lot of today’s young hopefuls would do well to come close to his style and finesse. On rhythm guitar I’d draft in Joby J. Ford from an unruly bunch of punks by the name of The Bronx. Some people might not agree with the attitude of these boys, but you can’t argue that their tactics don’t get the job done. Ford’s penchant for sleazy licks and swaggering bravado have won him and his comrades many fans in the last few years, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so. Commentator’s Comment: Well, with moves like that, you can be sure there’ll be no clean sheets tonight! For me, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs FC would be first choice for lead guitarist, his unique take on dynamic and pace have consistently set him above many of his contemporaries. Seemingly unfazed by everything around him, the unassuming Zinner constantly impresses and at times amazes with his eye for detail and uncanny ability to create flashes of brilliance from seemingly nothing. Commentator’s Comment; Young Nick Zinner delivers angular shapes with his guitar the likes I’ve never seen, and his hair’s not bad either. Out front and in a league of her own is Metric’s star performer Emily Haines. Considered, gracious and persistent, Haines marries all of this with a wicked kick that never fails to bring a tear to the eye. Ms. Haines carries a majesty rarely seen in the game these days which I think would round off this motley crue (sic) perfectly and take them right to the top. Champions. CC: Cor! I’ll tell you what, ‘the beautiful game’ just took on a whole new meaning! And there it is. A boy can dream eh? Written by Nestor Matthews You can visit Sky Larkin by heading to