Oliver emailed and asked if I fancied putting together a Spotify playlist for them and I thought why not! For most of this year now I've been mainly listening to electronic music after getting utterly bored with anything lo-fi, surf related, I like smoking weed, trying to sound like a west coast garage band stuff. A lot of good music there but TOOOO MUCH!. There is a lot of really exciting electronic music around right now and I've also got into loads of stuff that was well known to other people just had passed me by! So here's some tunes for you starting dark and picking it up for some happy odd stuff at the end, it's not all electro and it's certainly not all clubby but I think some winning tunes on there! Ta, Anthony www.goddontlikeit.com Tracklisting Click here to listen to the playlist 1. Spider and The Flies – 'Jungle Planet' 2. Nosaj Thing – 'FWD' 3. Starkey – 'Ok Luv' 4. Dam Mantle – 'Theatre' 5. Teeth – 'See Spaces (Becoming Real Remix)' 6. Two Fingers – 'Fools Rhythm' 7. The Bug – 'Poison Dart' 8. Necro Deathmort – 'Necro Effigy' 9. Gatekeeper – 'Truth In The Booth' 10. White Ring – 'Roses' 11. Factory Floor – 'A Wooden Box - Stephen Morris' 12. Pictureplane – 'Transparent Now (Thin Veil)' 13. Health – Die Slow - 'Tobacco Remix' 14. Sam Spence – 'Waterworld' 15. Gangpol & Mit – 'Effet Kazoo' 15. Au – 'RR vs. D'