Spine tingling or chilling. Not in a gothic way, not as in Halloween, nor in a melodramatic manner. That would be another, much more fun list. We mean hairs standing up on the back of your neck, shivers down your spine. Here are a selection of voices (mainly) and songs that gently do this for us. They've all got the Spook. We've deliberately not got anything too recent on here, as with new to you songs it's usually impossible for us to distinguish between those that instantly gratify and those that grow and hang around a while. Songs that instantly gratify would also be a whole other list. To think we really struggled to come up with a theme and now we have three. Bugger Anyway. On with the list/mix/compilation.... The 405 Playlist: The Spookcast Click here to listen to the playlist 'Cause Of It All' - Howlin' Wolf Why choose this? Imagine hearing this coming out of a doorway in your town as you're walking past some dusky evening. Even now with this particular kind of song long since rendered a cliche, you'd have to walk in. Anyone! with! ears! would! That VOICE, that guitar, shivers down your spine. 'Spanish Moon' - Little Feat There's just something about Lowell George's voice that you'll have to excuse us for. Could have been Willin' but there's enough guitar on this list already, or Trouble but that's not on Spotify... F'in Spotify. 'Swordfishtrombone' - Tom Waits Is this just not the perfect song? No, course, that's Raindogs... 'Trouble Man' - Marvin Gaye I have no real idea what he's singing, the words don't seem to matter much when you sing like this, apart from the 'Taxes, Death and Trouble' line. Did he invent that saying? 'If I Was Your Girlfriend' - Prince This man thinks like this!? Well thought like this, he's a Jehovahs witness now. I couldn't find the version where he's going to lick me down there where it comes. 'Concerning the UFO sighting near Highland, Illinois' - Sufjan Stevens I guess we have to apologise a little, I wanted Marion here by Midlake but it's not on Spotify. So Sufjan makes it on instead. Like the fat boy in the small top, picked last for football. Should've picked numbers. He's not fat at all is he, Sufjan? 'Sack Full Of Silver' - Thin White Rope Who isn't a sucker for a band from the desert? QOtSA/Josh Homme? Don Van Vliet? You knows about them. So Thin White Rope. 'Dark Star' - I Am Kloot Fact: Songs are best short and obtuse. Opaque in some way, well this type of song anyway. Other types of song are best long and direct. Fact. 'New Grass' - Talk Talk Fact: Songs are best when long and opaque..... enough. Be thankful (or incandescent) as this could easily have been a Talk Talk list. I suppose if you were one of the people who'd made those last three Talk Talk albums, then another solo album of the same quality. If you were that person and had any dignity you probably would just leave it at that. Dignity is a rare beast nowadays isn't it? 'My Blue Manhattan' - Ryan Adams I think he is now portrayed as a batty song botherer but I guess that doesn't matter too much if you've written a song as good as this. I'd be willing to bet that once you'd written something as good as this you'd keep writing songs forever, in the ever more desperate hope you'd write a song so good again. Like a drunk at the drink. 'Walk On By' - The Beach Boys Sure it's a classic song in it's original form, but I like this fragment so, so much better. It's so very much sadder. So very much more simple & direct. We could have tried to squeeze a lot of Beach Boys songs on here; 'Til I Die, Sail On Sailor. There's an unspoken pact in this part of the world. You like one of two strains of American music. Either Country music or The Beach Boys. I don't know why or when the deal was struck, we're a long way from California. Or Nashville. 'By This River' - Brian Eno Ok this is the odd one out. An exception to prove the conceit. It's just exquisitely sweet-sad. I guess in this case, the spook is in the sound of the song itself, probably in the descending piano line. We were introduced to the song by a couple of folk on SoundCloud who've done a great cover of it. 'Song To The Siren' - This Mortal Coil Liz Fraser. What is it with folk? You have a voice that can make people feel as though someone just walked your grave. So you stop singing and disappear? Ok, not all of them. Just two of them. Two on this list. More if you count the dead 'uns. Still. I can't describe this song, it's an ok Tim Buckley song, better in idea than execution I'd say. I guess it was just meant to be sung by Liz Fraser. No shame in that is there? Other than for Tim who never got to hear it. You can visit The Son(s) by heading to http://theson.bandcamp.com/ and http://soundcloud.com/the-son-s