As part of our Artist Playlist series, Gustav Ejstes provides us with an incredible underground Swedish music playlist.

Gustav Ejstes, from the bands Dungen and Amason, has been a key figurehead in the Swedish underground music scene for the last decade or so. Here are his favourite songs from the 'Swedish Underground' ranging from psych, folk, ballads to hip-hop. Amason's debut album Sky City is out now on Fairfax Recordings and Dungen's latest is out late September on Smalltown Supersound.


We've provided you with two different ways to listen to this playlist, because we're super nice people. However, if a track is missing from one of them, don't blame us; the streaming landscape is rife with inconsistencies.


1. Leif Andersson - 'Kind mot kind'
Killer in the hypnosis/talking tongue-field. Friend and record collector Stefan Kéry played this incredible track for me 15 years ago and it sometimes feels hilarious but even more often it amazes me how good it is. I can't understand half of the lyrics, even though it's in Swedish.

2. Timebomb Allstars- 'Each X-mas (Same Ol’ shit)'

3. Baby Grandmothers - 'Being Is More Than Life'
Psychballad anthem from 1968. I got into Kenny (guitar) at the age of 17. Has formed my life. Meet him a couple of times, always starstruck.

4. OP - 'Vi sess utanför'
One of Sweden's highest-rated underground rap artists and my beloved neighbor. 2015.

5. Broder Daniel - 'Luke Skywalker'
The best fucking song ever, from 1995. Hated it when it came out. Loved it last 10 years. Summits Sweden's cultural politicians.

6. El Perro Del Mar- 'Party' (with lyrics)
Melancholy from one of Sweden's finest producers. We are good friends and have something parallel going on. 2007

7. Sara Lunden - 'The Greatest Hustler'
From 2003. Everything she has done really has something, she's an amazing artist as well and had an exhibition at my wife's gallery. A huge cigarette. Been in love ever since.

8. Turid - 'Vittras Visor'
Folk/psych classic from 1971. The sound of a misty morning in June. A huge influence for me. She's a postwoman.

9. Hundarna Från Söder- 'There's Something Rotten in Sweden'
From 2008. Daniel Savios (founder of skwee ) crew. They had their release party at my wife's gallery. Got a Grammy Award and quit the band. One of Sweden's best DJs and a great friend of ours. A real crate-digger. He never tells me the name of the records, always cover the labels with his hands.

10. Uran GBG - 'Onormal'
From 2010. Good friends and idols, Jesper Jarolds (guitar) is a member of our crew and is an amazing storyteller.