This weekend, beloved fans of Atlanta rap legend and Bricksquad founder, Gucci Mane celebrated 10/17, an unofficial holiday dedicated to and created by his loyal following. While still behind bars for federal firearm charges, the 10/17 leader has continued to release music in excess to maintain his title of Trap God, even from jail. And it's deservingly so, as the Southern rapper's empire is partly responsible for not only the landscape of trap music today, but the specific careers of artists like Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, Future, Young Thug and Young Scooter.

So it's no wonder Atlanta artist, iLoveMakonnen, chose to pay homage to his hometown great with the speaker-knocking banger 'Big Gucci', produced by Richie Souf, where he parlays about the hood's anticipation and reaction to Gucci Mane's forthcoming release from prison. "My ni**as still trappin' hard making plays in the south and they can't wait till Big Gucci get out," he warbles in his trademarked slur.

But Gwop himself also blessed his trap disciples with two new tracks produced by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E, which includes the fun and sensual autotune-induced 'Ball With You' and the certain club anthem 'Big Money'. In addition, a handwritten letter was posted to Gucci's Twitter page where he suggests that fans start referring to him as "The Machine", in order to pay respect for his independent hustle that saw the rapper become just as significant and imperative to the careers of not only himself but other notable artists, more so than major labels even provide rappers these days. "I am the machine behind me," the letter states.

Gucci Mane has been incarcerated since 2013. In June of this year, the rapper's lawyer, Drew Findling, shared with MTV that a concrete date for his client's release has yet to be set.

But Guwop is certain on one thing: "The Streets signed me. The Trap named me God," he writes.