The very classic Destiny's Child song all the way back from 1999 gets a new lease of life in this wonderful, hyperactive reworking courtesy of Edmonton, Canada-based musicmaker, Guy Akimoto. This is the well-named 'Bug A Bae'.

The vocals find a new home encrusted in the platinum sparklings of trance flavours that Guy has crafted here, a sense of late-'90s lipgloss euphoria providing a sound contemporary to but ultimately very different from the original 'Bug a Boo', mixing flavours from the past into this renaissance for tacky dance music that is wildly addictive.

This was uploaded onto the SoundCloud of newcomer netlabel, Manicure Records – whose logo is the painting nails emoji – providing sounds not all too dissimilar to that of PC Music. Slightly mad, overly happy super pop it may be, especially in this instance (not to generalise, of course), but when I'm in the mood for it this type of music elevates my heart to silly heights.