The former singer of The Golden Silvers, Gwilym Gold has announced that he is finally releasing his long awaited debut solo LP Tender Metal in a rather ridiculously great format that in theory, remixes each of the tracks for each play until the end of time.

This is an amazing and innovative concept that is titled 'Bronze' and runs through a special Mac program. The app for the LP will be available on the App Store on September 10th and if early reports are accurate, we are all in for a very special experience. You can view the tracklist for the LP below, as well as album track 'Lust for Sale'.


  • 1 - Tender Metal
  • 2 - Everything Is Beautiful
  • 3 - Habit (Of A Lifetime)
  • 4 - Agony III
  • 5 - Limbless
  • 6 - Flesh Freeze
  • 7 - Lust For Sale