Wu Tang's GZA has revealed his plans for a graphic novel and album to be released later this year. The rapper explained that Chlorine is "about four kids in a period of the summer, off of school, and it takes place near a pool called Chlorine. It's more like a coming of age story, an anthology, 12 different stories combined into one." GZA’s penmanship doesn’t end there as he also revealed that he has the rough ideas of a book as well some scripts.

On the new record, Dark Matter GZA explains the sci fi references don’t just stop at its title, "a journey into the cosmos…I was interested in science at a very early age, but not to the point where I wanted to go to school and study and be a physicist. Just learning things about the stars and planets, the workings of the atoms and molecules and elements and knowing that we are part of this whole universal structure and it's all fascinating. It’s something to write about."

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