Like H. Hawkline's vocals, the charm of 'Cric Yn Y Cymylau' lies in it being a slightly rough diamond. Like a tattered painting – or any other similarly unwieldy metaphor. Although the setting and the format are familiar, there is often something joyously abrasive about the chap known otherwise as Huw Evans.

If Hawkline isn't ploughing a completely lone furrow, he makes it seem as if he is. 'Cric Yn Y Cymylau' is sublime loner pop, the sound of a wild young man with dirt under his fingernails. Pastoral psych folk winds away while his deep vocal quivers along a cracked melody.

There is a little of the superbly bitter and cathartic as he yells "beth sy'n bod?" (what's wrong?) in an outro from somewhere in the wastelands between love and hate. At least with Evans you can rejoice in the melancholia.

'Cric Yn Y Cymylau' appears on the excellent Recordiau Lliwgar alongside Ifan Dafydd, Euros Childs and Llwybr Llaethog. Find out more at