Welsh songwriter Huw Evans, better known by his stage name H. Hawkline, will be returning later in 2017 with a new album released on revered indie label Heavenly. It will follow up his acclaimed 2015 album In The Pink Of Condition.

The new album, whose details are forthcoming, was recorded in Evans' new home of Los Angeles with producer Samur Khouja and builds on the sounds found on his previous releases. This is evident in the 6-minute teaser single 'Last Thing On Your Mind', which features Cate Le Bon and Josiah Steinbrick, and sees H. Hawkline making a slow and steady pop build throughout.

Of 'Last Thing On Your Mind' Evans says: "It waits like the cat who knows it'll eventually get cream. Sits, makes eyes and then sips, always watching, one eye on the washer, the warm smell of fresh china."

Listen to 'Last Thing On Your Mind' below, and keep your eyes here for updates about the new album.