London electronic outfit HÆLOS have unveiled new single ‘Kyoto’ and details of their upcoming new album Any Random Kindness, due out May 10th. The new track has echoes of Radiohead production, vocal harmonies of Massive Attack and the twitching, insular instrumentals of Arca. It’s altogether quite a heady, claustrophobic piece of ambient trip-hop with elements borrowed from several different genres.

The more experimental B-Side ‘Buried in the Sand’ contrasts well and highlights the strange euphoria of ‘Kyoto’’s melodic hook. Now a four piece, the band began work on the new record as soon as they wrapped up touring their debut Full Circle. They incorporated new experimental approaches to both production and songwriting and it reflects in their new output. Working with Orlando Leopard, Matt Wiggins and the band have followed an increasingly dance-orientated direction.