For over a year now, London trio HÆLOS have been steadily premiering soft, starry gems over at SoundCloud. And while it did seem to take some time, the band has officially announced the release of their anticipated debut album Full Circle, coming this March on Matador.

Alongside the date announcement, the band (Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith, and Lotti Benardout) introduced another starry gem from the release, 'Oracle'. Much like the previously released singles 'Dust' and 'Pray', 'Oracle' illuminates its boundaries with cheerily accessible dream pop. However, for the most recent single, singer Lotti Benardout finds her place more in the center of the movement, acting as the key for the progressive pieces constantly swirling around her delicate vocals. It also helps that the video accompanied features the "full circle," drawing the user in like a welcoming black hole.

Listen to the band's brand new single 'Oracle' below.

Check out the tracklist below:

  • 1. Intro/Spectrum
  • 02. Pray
  • 03. Dust
  • 04. Full Circle
  • 05. Earth Not Above
  • 06. Oracle
  • 07. Alone
  • 08. Separate Lives
  • 09. Sacred
  • 10. Cloud Nine
  • 11. Pale

Full Circle officially arrives March 18th on Matador Records. Pre-order a copy on iTunes and Amazon today.