Hip-hop royalty Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic have shared details of their Hail Mary Mallon project's long awaited new album. Beastiery, their second release, will hit stores on the eleventh of November on renowned alt-rap label Rhymesayers with a choice of three (!!!) album covers to choose from, each depicting a different beast head.

If you're a vinyl collector, I imagine your wallet just got the heebie-jeebies, but fear not- a 'special edition' picture disc vinyl will include all the covers. The record features cuts from DJ Big Wiz as per the debut release, and production from both Aesop and Rob Sonic- both who have honed their craft on recent home-recording releases, Aesop's Skelethon and Rob Sonic's Sabotage Gigante. It should be noted that Rob also has a new solo album out, the superbly titled Alice In Thunderdome.

Rant one: Around the time Run The Jewels snuck up, you couldn't swing a cat online without hitting a Killer Mike or El-P quote about how they couldn't remember the last great rap duo, which always struck me as fucking weird to put it mildly, considering that Hail Mary Mallon's first LP was released only months previous and especially weird given the shared history that El-P and Aesop Rock share through Def-Jux and the Weathermen project. I'm not one to stoke unnecessary beef (a wise man said it just means you gotta breed more cows) and competition breeds success (or so the Friedmanites would have you believe), but that always struck me as bizarre. Now both rap duos have announced second LP's within the space of a month of each other, so perhaps the game is on.

Rant two: The album was named Beastiery because (a helpful press release boasts) both artists went 'beast mode' on this record. Now, we're talking about two of the most verbose rappers in the game, two guys with vocabularies larger than most 17th Century playwrights. So, when did 'beast mode', an obscure reference to a failed CGI reboot of the Transformers franchise in the early 00's, become part of the common lexicon? I'm just putting my two pence on the table– I think that allusion is retarded, but it don't make me any less excited for this record though.

Check out first single 'Jonathan', a bass-heavy back-and-forth that don't know how to quit and its accompanying Tarot-inspired music video below. Album tracklist is below; you can pre-order the album here.


  • 'Jonathan'
  • 'Krill'
  • 'Used Cars'
  • 'Dollywood'
  • 'The Soup'
  • '4AM'
  • 'Hang Ten'
  • 'Whales'
  • 'Merlin'
  • 'Picture Day'
  • 'Kiln'
  • 'King Cone'
  • 'Octoberfest'
  • 'The Red List'
  • 'Used Cars (Edison Remix) [Bonus Track] *Digital Download Only'
  • 'The Red List (Blockhead Remix) [Bonus Track] *Digital Download Only'
  • 'Horse Flakes [Bonus Track] *Digital Download Only'