In just a few months Hailee Steinfeld has made her way from being an actor known mainly for her role in Pitch Perfect 2 to performing on the Tonight Show (via the release of her euphemistic single 'Love Myself').

Now she's announced her debut release: the HAIZ EP. The press release says this about it:

"Not only does “HAIZ” feature her smash single “Love Myself,” but it also includes three new unshakable anthems. Opener “Hell No’s and Headphones” cranks up an infectious chant, while “Rock Bottom” showcases her impressive vocal range, and “You’re Such A” shows her cheeky side."

Aside from the fact that 'Hell No's and Headphones' is the closer not the opener, don't all those words make you want to squeal and brace yourself for a new pop sensation? Don't they just? The EP is out on... what day? Oh yeah - silly me - Friday 13th November. Check out the tracklist below.

  • HAIZ EP tracklist:
  • 1. Love Myself
  • 2. You’re Such A
  • 3. Rock Bottom
  • 4. Hell No’s and Headphones