Is HAIM's debut album Days Are Gone the most hyped of the year? Most definitely. More importantly, is it any good? Let's ask Larry Day of 405 fame, shall we?

"It's a fantastically fun experience through a balls-out circuit of disco, pop, funk, R&B and rock, splattered with singalong mantras pertaining to l'amour. Days Are Gone will do nothing to stem the flow of hype washing over these girls (and boy)."

Woah, are you serious dude? Ok then.

You can listen to the album below courtesy of NPR. The album is released on

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Falling
  • 2. Forever
  • 3. The Wire
  • 4. If I Could Change Your Mind
  • 5. Honey & I
  • 6. Don’t Save Me
  • 7. Days Are Gone
  • 8. My Song 5
  • 9. Go Slow
  • 10. Let Me Go
  • 11. Running If You Call My Name