Hairy Hands has teamed up with Tropics and Kerry Leatham (worked with Lapalux) for a pair of tracks: 'Arrows In Flight (Part 1)' and 'Arrows In Flight (Part 2)'. All three artists come together very well, they sound like a proper trio, with Tropics on keys and Leatham's fuzzy backing vocals, fusing with producer James Bright's, aka Hairy Hands.

While the tracks have different personalities, they are both connected by a fluid beat, which keeps them in high spirit. 'Arrows In Flight (Part 1)' features clanking noises and shuffling warbles, paired with the odd pluck from the trusty guitar and intense vocals from Bright and Leatham. While 'Part 2' feels calmer with twisting shaker sounds, popping candy-like undertones and a shying vocal.

Bright has recently released his ‘Verses Series’ album, where he collaborated with a different artist each month.