I for one, am a major fan of Halloween! Maybe it's the whole dressing up as one of my favorite fictional charachters, parading around the house like i was the living embodyment of that very character (who by the way, is going to be Dallas Green from Alexisonfire and City & Colour this year, which was pretty much a given! It was between that and Leathface!) or perhaps its the shoveling of a crap load of sweets down my throat, that then whilst still being driven mad by the sugar rush that follows, makes me scare the living daylights out of a group of primary school Trick or Treat'rs, only to have their mothers beat me back with their handbags, before staying up till the butt-crack of dawn watching low budget zombies movies. I don't know! But what i do know, is that every other Holiday i can think of has it's own jingles, rhymes, carrels and hymns, but what about Halloween? We here at The405 decided it was time do something about this and put together 13 unlucky songs for all you Ghouls, Witches and Vampires! Don't say we didn't warn you! This will have you all turning in your graves! Track List 1. Monster Mash - The Misfits 2. In The Backyard - The Rosebuds 3. Happy Halloween - Trash Monroe 4. Rest In Peace - Gravediggaz 5. Orchestra Of Wolves - Gallows 6. Witchy Woman - The Eagles 7. Cemetery Gates - Between The Buried And Me 8. After Dark - Tito and Tarantula 9. Bark At The Moon - Black Sabbath 10. Today - Smashing Pumpkins 11. Halloween(She Get So Mean) - Rob Zombie & The Ghastly Ones 12. Blood Witch - The Melvins 13. Monsters - Matchbook Romance Click here to download the Mixtape! Have an awesome, safe Halloween folks!