Italian dream-pop purveyor HÅN (Giulia Fontana) is ready to hit 2019 with her melodic melodrama. The first single from her upcoming EP is ‘gymnasion’ - and no I didn’t spell that wrong.

‘Gymnasion’ is the original latin, and she says of the title, "Calling this song 'gymnasion' was a reference both to the place where I met the person in the song and to that period of my life together with the universe of little things I associate it with.”

Her Sapphic vocal lilt wraps around the mid-tempo synths that flit and swell as the chorus builds. “I’d be walking to your house/ as I did years ago/ when our minds were tender”, she sings in her pristinely vulnerable voice that fills you with her enchanting emotion. The spacious and pensive track is sure to crack into your fragile heart.

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