Hana Vu will be releasing a new double EP called Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway through Luminelle on October 25th. Having already shared the thumping 'At The Party', she returns now with the pseudo-title track 'Actress'.

On 'Actress', Vu tells us: “Based on the music and conversations in The Actress Roundables, ‘Actress’ is about the compromise of personal values in order to be conventionally successful, and how that may manifest over time.”

Vu has already proven herself wise beyond her years several times over, but 'Actress' not only tackles a fascinating and prescient topic - it comes combined with a sophisticated sound, which she produced herself. Seductively propulsive, 'Actress' comes imbued by stabs of horn and a playful guitar line, winding themselves around the central insistent click. Atop this, Vu's deep voice embodies the 'Actress' of the title who is giving up her own personality in favour of popularity, and playing that downcast decision to perfection. 'Actress' is just another reason why Hana Vu should be on everyone's radar.

Hana Vu's forthcoming double EP Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway is out October 25th on Luminelle.