Chances are if you skimmed the interwebs this past Friday, a hashtag of #BatKid was trending on most major social media sites, following the adventures of 5-year-old leukaemia patient Miles Scott, whose dream of being Batman for a day saw some 11,000 Make-A-Wish volunteers turn the city of San Francisco into his own private Gotham City.

Throughout the day, Miles helped rescue a damsel in distress, got the key to the city from the mayor, won a fight with The Joker, drove around in a modified Batmobile/Lamborghini, and becamemade for the greatest Batman ever, getting the seal of approval from Christian Bale himself.

Like many other high-profile acts came pouring in with support, including President Obama, one of the more surprising inclusions was from Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer, the mastermind behind the recent Dark Knight trilogy. The details are sparse, but Zimmer hopes to find a way to incorporate the score in the coming weeks. He also hopes to send it to Scott before it's available from streaming.

Check out Zimmer’s handiwork on the Dark Knight theme. [via CoS]