Based in Harlem but born in Australia, the singer-songwriter Hanssøn is a product of her varied environments, drawing together cultures, styles and sounds into a potent musical bricolage. On 'Fuck Fog,' the lead single from her upcoming debut album Colours of the Fall, she showcases her talent for crafting earworm melodies while simultaneously flexing her formal music training.

'Fuck Fog,' and the album as a whole, is a product of Hanssøn's desire to take control of her own story, fighting back against assumptions and stereotypes.

"I was done playing small," she says. "I was done with having to be the nurturing one. That was an enormous awakening for me while writing this album. I didn't even think of this as a feminist album. I'm just telling the fucking truth."

Hanssøn also directed the video for 'Fuck Fog,' a video she describes as "dreamy and creamy."

"For the video, we wanted to make it as colourful and fun as possible," say explains. "I wanted to ham up how men and women are when we’re gossiping about sex, and just show what that initial chemistry is like."

You can watch the video for 'Fuck Fog' up above. Hanssøn's debut album Colours of the Fall is due out Nov. 8.