Shaun Hencher (of Lovvers fame) is starting another venture in the form of a solo project called Virals. A far cry from the ‘loud and fast’ bursts from his previous band, with Virals Hencher is showcasing his skills for slower, more melodic pop, with the reverb soaked punk of much of Lovvers’ material ditched in favour of nostalgic, toe-tapping songs of an indistinguishable era.

Having started out writing tunes for fun, then giving it a moniker and now releasing a single, this solo jaunt could be set to snowball into a full time adventure. He'll be releasing a 7” of 'Magic Happens' and 'Comes the Night' which will be out January 30 via SEXBEAT.

We had a brief chat with him to find out more about his latest project.

When did you decide you were going to embark on the Virals project?

There was never really a "eureka" moment to embark on anything. I wasn't playing in a band but I was writing songs and recording them onto an 8 track, after a while I decided to give it a name -mainly for kicks - and then a friend offered his services of a studio to up the production level/sound quality.  After a while I sent it out to some friends, one of which said he'd wanted to put out a record. So it was essentially him who made the decision to go public.

Fans of Lovvers might be surprised at the change of style. What prompted the shift away from punk/garage rock and more towards the doo-wop sounds of Magic Happens?

There was no decision to move away from anything. It’s always just an idea, a structure and happy mistakes. In a band everyone's style of playing and what they’re into informs that sound. With this there isn't any set idea of what it should be. It just is what is it is. I'm not sure what doo-wop sounds like, but yeah these two are not in a punk/garage genre.

How long have these songs been in the works?

Since September or October 2010. 

You've been in a number of bands, how easy is it shifting between projects?

Easy, they end, you move on.

I read that you play everything except drums on the new record. How does that work, practically?

My friend has a little studio, it’s really great. They always stuff set up and it’s in a pub. He's been totally amazing and has put a lot of time into helping me get the songs finished. He plays and records the drums with me playing along and then we build the song up from there; pretty simple. He also plays on the songs and adds bits here and there. We're into different stuff musically but he's really into playing and recording, whereas I'm really into writing tunes, so it works nicely. I'm a terrible drummer and if I were to try and play everything at once, as you say "it wouldn't be very practical."

Can we expect an album anytime soon? If so, how is it coming together so far?

If people dig it and someone wants to put one out then yep, that would be great. There's enough songs that I'm into for it to be a possibility. There was never a plan to release a 7inch, but SEXBEAT asked and here I am - doing this. So it will be driven by people’s enthusiasm. At the end of it I'll still be writing and recording songs. So there is always a chance.

Have you got any live dates in the works for people to go and see?

No, I don't really want to force it upon people or pester people, like ‘can i play here?’, ‘I'm looking for a show" etc... I'm stoked that I got to put out a record, so I think it'd be best if I stick to recording songs and hope people at some point would like the songs enough to warrant a show or two.