Heart Bones, the new project of Har Mar Superstar and Sabrina Ellis, is set to head out across North America later this month, performing songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. But this partnership will also yield some original material, including the throbbing new banger 'Little Dancer,' one of the most euphoric tracks of 2018.

With a bevy of warm synths laying out a colorful foundation, Har Mar Superstar (real name Sean Tillmann) deploys a series of purposefully awkward plays for the heart through his lyrics. The overtures move quickly from silly machismo ("I could kick somebody's ass for you") to hopelessly romantic ("I'm not much of a romancer, I could smoke you out for free"). Tillmann suggests he could be his lover's "little dancer." By song's end, however, our lyrical protagonist's earnestness is out of the bag, as he begs his lover to give him the titular pet name.

The end result is a vibrant, passionate and down-to-earth portrayal of love and the seemingly inevitable neuroticisms love creates. Leave it to Tillmann and Ellis to create this year's most realistic and most fun depiction of intimacy.

UPDATE: Tillmann has also clarified that 'Little Dancer' was written by Ellis, "which adds whole level of nuance and role reversal that I love."

You can stream 'Little Dancer' up above and North American readers should do whatever they can to get to one of Heart Bones' upcoming shows, which you can find below. Depending on what happens in today's elections, it could be either the perfect celebration or the ultimate catharsis. Either way, be sure to check it out.

  • 21 November - Turf Club; St. Paul, MN
  • 23 November - The Cooperage; Milwaukee, WI
  • 24 November - Thalia Hall; Chicago, IL
  • 25 November - El Club; Detroit, MI
  • 26 November - Skully's Music Diner; Columbus, OH
  • 27 November - Johnny Brenda's; Philadelphia, PA
  • 28 November - Sonia; Cambridge, MA
  • 29 November - The Beverly; Kingston, NY
  • 30 November - Brooklyn Bazaar; Brooklyn, NY
  • 04 December - Rickshaw Stop; San Francisco, CA
  • 05 December - Sweetwater Music Hall; Mill Valley, CA
  • 06 December - Regent Theater; Los Angeles, CA
  • 07 December - The Merrow; San Diego, CA
  • 29 December - 3TEN ACL LIVE; Austin, TX