If the world was about to end, be it through the sun being snuffed out like a candle, a big space object that would crush Earth in its path, or nations pressing the big red button, the only real way to face it is with a bit of a dance. Films like The Day After Tomorrow show us people trying to survive which, as we well know, is an exercise in futility. You might as well spend those last moments doing something fun. Though it is a bit shit, that rave scene in The Matrix Reloaded taught us that a boogie and maybe loads of drink and sex is the perfect way to deal with loads of sentient robots coming to destroy human kind. It's going to happen anyway, might as well have a bit of a laugh about it.

Harold Melvin & The Bluetones' 'Don't Leave Me This Way' is already a belter of a track that almost certainly fills dancefloors and hearts with joy. Tom Moulton took that track, though, and really kicked things up a notch, making a great track into something legendary. Not one second of its 11 minute running time is wasted, and each bit is a joyous as the last. It's anthemic, groovy, arms in the air, feet firmly on the dancefloor sort of stuff. If the world were to end, the only way to go would be in a club full of fantastic people dancing like they just don't care to this.