Los Angeles-based band Harriet released their debut EP three years ago and just released their brand new self-titled EP today. It's celebrating the group's first major label signing with Harvest Records, and I'll let them explain what they wanted to achieve with it:

“Two years ago, we went to the hangar (a now defunct gutted warehouse studio run by the publisher of Tape Op), with the lofty goal of ‘revitalizing’ SONGWRITING. Ha! SONGWRITING, in the traditional sense, is often either relegated to the world of throwbacks/anachronisms, or left behind all together in favor of more Modern Stylings. Neither of those sounded good, so we walled ourselves in, slept in the control room for a month-rarely leaving, and promptly lost our minds. We drove back to LA disheveled and fragmented, the band essentially in ruins, bearing our forthcoming record.

When we set out, the band was something a little more literal and straightforward, but as we learned during our time in freezing "sactown", taking yourself so seriously can be exhausting, if not misguided. We were sleepy and depleted and needed a shot in the arm. Enter "Irish Margaritas", an effort to shirk the self-seriousness and dip into some of our lighter, more jagged/angular influences like David Bowie, David Byrne, and Brian Eno without losing too much heart (Think Randy Newman/Paul Simon ♥ ). Don't worry, we’ll still cry ourselves to sleep with Thom Yorke and Co. but the almost karmic collapse of the band definitely gave us cause to explore something more uninhibited and allowed the band to regrow; picking up the pieces of our wayward session.”

The band have also shared a colourful video for EP single 'Irish Margaritas' centred around everyone's favourite margarita staple - the lime. “The LIME, our video’s hero, is the mascot for our drink sponsor (our "beats pill" if you will). Irish Margaritas // A video about object glorification and rampant/overbearing product placement--trying to give some sort of spiritual importance to a meaningless thing: LIME WORSHIP. The LIME is benevolent. The LIME tastes good. The LIME welcomes you. Heed its call.” It's a seriously catchy experimental indie-pop track with hooks for days, and you can watch it below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Irish Margaritas
  • 2. Up Against It
  • 3. Burbank
  • 4. Ten Steps