Link: Myspace Harrys Gym (not Harry’s Gym according to an angry opening line on their Wiki page) have produced an interesting blend of styles in their latest offering ‘Attic’. It’s full of gritty base lines, deep infectious drumming and echo laden vocals that all add up to make a fantastically haunting, psychedelic romp of a single. This being said the vocal style of leading lady Anne Lise Frøkedal although initially captivating does tend to become a little muddled at times making the track occasionally feel like the soundtrack to a nightmare. Luckily however this technicality is far from distracting enough to spoil the overall style the four piece have created. Things may get a bit repetitive at times but it’s far from monotonous, there’s something inherently cool about it that you can’t quite put your finger on and you’ll find yourself wondering why the dramatic finish of screaming synth goodness has to fade out quite so quickly much like this review will now do. Photobucket