'Old Man', the latest single from Norwegian group Harrys Gym is a soaring pop record that is as achingly beautiful as it is a work of musical genius. At the forefront, vocalist Anne-Lise Frokedal almost whispers her weightless words over a background of incredibly talented drumming and swirling effects. There's not much else than can be said for this single, it is quite simply wonderful. It's almost fitting that the group that wrote it are Scandinavian as this song conjures up images of fjords, snow and beautiful landscapes most synonymous with that part of the world.

The B-side, a remix by Chad Valley, is more echoed and eerier than the original. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it just presents a subtly different proposition, although for the first two minutes it doesn't particularly seem to work, as it takes out the atmosphere and beauty, which is what makes the original so good, without replacing it with anything tangible. However, like all good remixes, it builds upon this, and the second half of the track is skilfully manipulated into a laid-back, foot-tapping, electro number that, whilst still inferior to the original in this writer's opinion, at least showcases the track in a different light.