Hartlepool grunge pop band PLAZA is understandably riding high after a winning performance at this year's Reading And Leeds Festival for BBC Intro. Now, the band is premiering its latest single, the sublime 'Speak It.'

Featuring the kind of dreamy yet deadly guitar lines that made a record like NOTHING's Tired Of Tomorrow such a treat, 'Speak It' is by turns melodic and gorgeous as well as thunderous and corrosive. It is this blend of beauty and brawn that makes PLAZA such a powerful group, one that deserves all the attention it has received and then some. Look no further than the guitar solo toward the end of the track for proof.

According to vocalist Brad Lennard, 'Speak It' is a song with a straightforward, yet poignant message.

"'Speak It' is about not being concerned with what other people think about what you say or how you act," says Lennard. "Always consider the potential consequences of your actions and words because in the end this is what writes your story, but just be nice and don't let the irrelevant things in your life get you down -- concentrate on you."

Check out 'Speak It' below and check out the band's upcoming UK tour dates further down the page.