Hailing from Brisbane, Hatchie makes unapologetically sugary pop with a lot of heart and integrity, as she proved on recent single 'Sugar & Spice'. Today she shows that she can apply these same stadium-sized ambitions to dreampop with her new single 'Sleep'.

Hatchie's nostalgia for classic 80s and 90s media shines through in both the video and the song, 'Sleep'. The synths are at full-throttle dreaminess from the opening seconds, accentuated by inchoate guitar and plenty of booming percussion to make it all the more expansive. The multi-tracked vocal of the come-hither chorus matches this grandiosity and takes the song up to pure floating ecstasy. 'Sleep' is all about yearning to get closer to someone, even if it means entering their dreams, and here Hatchie has produced the perfect vessel for that mission.

The video also reminds us of a hallucinatory Clarissa Explains It All, which is never a bad thing. Hatchie says of the clip: “We decided to play on the idea that I'm trying to get someone to communicate with me in their sleep. We made a bunch of dreamy sets to focus on, like I'm talking to them in their dreams. At some points I'm really serious, at other points I'm almost teasing them because I'm so over trying to get them to talk.”

Watch and listen below.

Hatchie's debut EP Sugar & Spice comes out through Heavenly on May 25th, and she'll be making her debut UK live performances all through May at the following dates:

5th May - Sound City Festival, LIVERPOOL (Heavenly Stage 8:45pm)
6th May - Sounds from the Other City, SALFORD (Heavenly Stage 6:15pm)
7th May - Hare & Hound, BIRMINGHAM (supporting Anna Burch)
8th May - The Hug & Pint, GLASGOW (supporting Anna Burch)
10th May - Shacklewell Arms, LONDON (w/Death of Pop)
16th May - The Social, LONDON (w/Camille Christel)
17th-18th May - The Great Escape, BRIGHTON
19th May - Union Chapel, LONDON (Daylight Music afternoon session)
20th May - Hoxton Bar & Grill, LONDON
22nd May - Sebright Arms, LONDON (w/Dan Stock)