Label: GenePool Distribution Ltd Release date: 17/08/09 Website: You push the button and ask yourself, what am I going to get? Love is Blind, the new single from London-based Haunts is such a mixture of pleasure and pain that it almost fails to answer that question. The catchy toe-tapping drumbeat beginning feeds a hooky guitar which sets up the lead vocal and that sets up the piece to go... Well, that’s the problem. Where does it go? I’ll come back to that. The lead vocal is brilliant. Hypnotic even; it’s a little like the first time you hear The Crash Test Dummies – oh, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a copycat at all! It’s just got such a special quality. Take the vocal content of The Crash Test Dummies and cross them with Wherever You Will Go by The Calling and you’re close to where Haunts are. Vocally at least. I want to listen to this guy again and again and again. I want to hear him sing my shopping list back to me. The lead vocal is supported by some beautifully meshed guitar/keyboards work which is framed by a solid performance on the drums. So what’s wrong this picture? It almost hurts to diss the fine musical talents of Haunts but do you know how many times they sing the eponymous ‘Love Is Blind’ refrain? Forty. That’s a four followed by a big zero. I haven’t heard such lyrical repetition since I saw Scouting for Girls onstage at the otherwise excellent 2009 Cornbury Festival. Some nicely understated organ stops that Ray Charles would have been proud of add to the excellence of the musical mix, it’s such a shame that the whole package is let down by the underachievement of the lyrics. The Love is Blind EP offers the purchaser three versions of the single. That’s one hundred and twenty times you could hear that phrase if you wanted. Rating: 6/10 (could try harder in the lyrical department)