Artist: Hauschka Album: Ferndorf Release Date: 8/09/08 Label: Fat Cat Link: When I received this promo from Fat Cat I had no idea the music I was going to be hearing would be anything like this. Hauschka is basically the alias of Düsseldorf–based pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann and Ferndorf is his second full length album, although he had a couple of releases before those two. It's a really hard album to pin point in terms of influence or genre as it seems to be a collection of different sounds melted together which creates an album that is very classical in terms of the way it tells a story. Each song contributes equally to the next but not to the point whereby I'm going to call them suites in the classical sense. It's mainly piano driven but with also the addition of many clicks/noises added in. It borders into trip-hop territory on songs like 'Heimat' but never feels cheesy enough to be fully trip-hop. Instead I would class it as classitronicambient (oh yes!). It's certainly a very accessible way of listening to classical music. Higlights are a hard thing to take out of an album that relies heavily on the 'bigger picture' so i'll refrain from picking any out but at the bottom of the page I have a song for you to sample. Recently i've found myself at night listening to a lot of ambient music to try and help me fall asleep and I have a feeling this album will be flowing out my room at midnight for a long time to come! Rating: 8/10