Australia’s newest voice in pop GRAACE has released an assured, understated new single ‘Have Fun At Your Party’. The first new music since last year’s Self-Sabotage EP, this track follows on in a similar autobiographical style with a narrative that is all too familiar to those who have been burned by lust or love. It’s a slow-builder that captures some of the fast and reckless qualities of Los Angeles where it was recorded with Ian Franzino and Andrew Haas.

GRAACE’s distinctive vocal cuts through in a style reminiscent to Lorde, a dismissiveness on the surface yet a sad investment lurking beneath. Speaking on the song, Grace noted “I was ‘dating’ *I say that loosely* someone when I started writing this. We were both going through breakups and were both so confused about our mental states but also heavily relying on each other to pick each other up all the time. We went a lot of the first few months together trying to deny how we felt about each other, constantly pushing one away then pulling them back.”

After only emerging 12 months ago, the young artist has garnered millions of streams, tens of thousands of followers and countless co-signs from around the globe. Her witty lyricism and likeable style will only see this scale and reach grow far beyond her Aussie homeland.

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