Update: Weezer confirmed their new album, Weezer (The White Album, essentially), will be self-released on April 1st. It features the previously released 'Do You Wanna Get High?' and 'Thank God for Girls', as well as the newly released 'King of the World'. The album's cover can be seen above, whilst the tracklist and video for 'King of the World' can be found below. Head over to the band's official website for all their latest tour dates, of which there are many (including the UK).

  • 01. California Kids
  • 02. Wind in Our Sail
  • 03. Thank God for Girls
  • 04. (Girl We Got A) Good Thing
  • 05. Do You Wanna Get High?
  • 06 King of the World
  • 07. Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
  • 08. L.A. Girlz
  • 09. Jacked Up
  • 10. Endless Bummer

Original Story

It certainly looks like it. The contents of Weezer's website have been replaced by a huge dose of whiteness, and all the band's social media platforms have followed suit (you can see an example of their Instagram below).

It shouldn't come as a surprise, though; not only are Weezer known for their colour-themed albums (Blue, Green, Red), but they also released two new tracks last year ('Thank God For Girls' and Do You Wanna Get High?'). Although at the time Rivers Cuomo said they were not working on a new album, the situation may have changed, so I'd keep a close eye on this if I were you.

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