This is a really nice song that you can download for free by a band called Hawk, there are four of them, they are based in that London. The really nice song that you can download for free is called 'Fire In A Classroom', it's taken from an EP that came out a while back on Veta Records called 'Clock Hands'.

We're hoping that by calling it a premiere that more people will listen. I mean, that's why it stopped being just 'music' and became 'new music', and in turn why the press used 'premiere' - it's not just because it sounded better than 'the newest of the new music' - it's because more people took notice. Anyway whatever - I honestly can't stress enough how nice this song is, what with it starting to feel a little like summer as well. It's one of those drifting songs, as it plays you get lost and occasionally you realise that there are lots of nice things happening, these songs always finish too soon. Did I mention how nice it is?

Listen and download it below: