Earlier this year, celebrated New Zealand hip-hop/beats producer Haz Beats spent three months travelling around Europe, with East London as his base of operations. E5, his new five track instrumental beats EP on Australian label Low Key Source, serves as both his musical reflections on his trip, and the first volume in The Headnod Factor - a series of monthly releases from emerging and established producers around the globe.

In his words, E5 is a 5 track instrumental release reflecting on his 3-month journey of Europe mainly spent in the east ends of London. "It's the short journey through public transport fuck ups, come downs, hangovers, the good and bad people I met along the way, to the 35 hours it took for me to get back to Auckland."

Best known for his in-house production work with New Zealand hip-hop groups Homebrew and Team Dynamite, Haz has also produced for the likes of Lui Tui, Raiza Biza, Wes, HoneBeGood, Dialectrix. Alongside this, he has remixed for Fat Freddys Drop, Aaradhna, David Dallas, Left Projects, Dubious Brothers, Chelsea Jade, Ruby Frost and A Girl Named Mo, locating him within a unique interzone inside the New Zealand and Australian music industries.

Mixed and mastered at Red Bull Studios in Auckland, E5 recalls the soul and jazz inflected instrumental thumpers of American hip-hop producers J Dilla, Oddisee and Madlib, with dashes of London pirate radio culture rippling on the edges. You can stream it below, or purchase it here.