Braids - Taste

This song has the perfect chorus melody. It’s one of those songs that gets me every time and no matter where I am I can’t help but sing along. I always end up pushing repeat on this one.

Broadcast - Papercuts

I love how mysterious this song is. The lyrics are so great and the melody, too. The music video for this song is beautiful and cinematic, just like the song.

Laura Groves - Dream Story

This song is so much fun! I like to dance around my kitchen to it and belt out the chorus, so catchy. Reminds me of Fleetwood Mac in the best way.

Tamaryn - Violet's in a Pool

I really like how immersive this song is and how much space there is. I am always drawn to songs that don’t impose themselves on you but are still engaging - an art Tamaryn has perfected.

Cocteau Twins - Cherry-coloured Funk

What’s not to love about this song? Heavenly vocals and lots of reverb, always a great combination.

Hazel English's forthcoming EP Never Going Home is out October 7th via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists. Check out the title-track by heading here.