Here is some more goodness from Brooklyn-based artist, Mothica. Even from the glassy chords at the beginning of this one, you can glean its bleak outlook, the blank desperation and melancholy that are the inspiration for the track. Aptly titled 'it's not always safe here', there is a beautiful mix of ghostly rumbling chords in simple progression, of scattered beats soaked in icy reverb, of Mothica's own vocals – lilting with a touch of bravery (how does one be creative when in the depths of despair?) – whispering laments into the microphone, feedback leaping into the air sometimes.

This fog of sound is "about dealing with depression", and the track's cyclical nature, spinning in circles, highlights the slow whirlpool of depression, the fuzzy sounds of the track the thoughts blurring into one miasmic mass of noxious emotion. But the sounds are not overly mournful; it is an accepting sound, maybe fatalistic, but still veiled with the very real fabric of sadness.

Cause we like Mothica so much, we interviewed her as part of our Gifted series. Go learn more!