J Dilla passed away a decade ago and we're still reaping the benefits of his musical presence. Earlier this year, we received his posthumous album The Shining and now, we're hearing a never-before-heard mixtape titled Back To The Crib.

"Towards the end of 1999 or early 2000, it was my first trip to Detroit. James (Yancey) was working with James Poyser on Erykah's 'Mama's Gun' LP. We'd checked out a couple of record stores (I can't recall where or their names) and this tape was playing in the car," co-founder of BBE Records, Peter Adarkwah said. "I recall Think Twice was on the tape and I suggested there and then that he do a cover with Erykah for the BBE album. We didn't get the Erykah feature, but people sure remember James' cover. We drove past a sign, it said Welcome To Detroit and I suggested that would be a good name for the album. When we pulled over James gave me the tape and said this is yours, or words to effect."