Earlier this year, Kristin Kontrol released her first solo album away from her role with Dum Dum Girls. X-Communicate was a stunning introduction to her new-wave persona. And now, she's released a new single to end off the year. Hear the sturdy attitude-filled synth-pop 'Baby Are You In?' below and read our interview with Kristin from earlier this year right here.

"'Baby Are You In’ was recorded during the X-Communicate sessions and I really regret not including it on the album," she says. "It was super fun to make - Kurt Feldman and I let loose on the production, trying to pin down that nebulous aggression from Evil Heat-era Primal Scream, but let it cork off the party at the end. It’s my favorite to perform live; I really feel the lyrics…’I wake up with the sun on my face, I call this moment "morning grace.' I wanna kiss the light cuz it's one day later, the night's lost its tenure, I slept off my failure."