We're always looking to add new rising R&B starlets to our rotation and the UK's Mahalia just caught our attention. Her new song 'Sober,' is a directly written, chill listen about the shift in a relationship when the intoxication has passed.

"I don't drink a lot. But, when I do, I get all up in my feelings," she said. "I'm one of those muppets who has a drink and lays everything out on the table in a messy text or call... not one of my best qualities. But, I wanted to write about it. I've been in a couple relationships where I just felt like I was so blinded by love, I couldn't see what they were doing to me. Alcohol is the one thing that always brought my emotions to the surface. "Sober" is about the wake up. The realisation. That moment when you finally understand that it was all bullsh**t. My good mate Maths Time Joy produced it and I hope you love it as much as I do." Listen below.