With booming bloops of naptime bass and guitar jangling slowly like late afternoon sadness, Nick Nicely's voice effuses in lo-fi from the mixture like something long-submerged – it's his latest psychedelic-flavoured single, 'Rrainbow'. Arriving after his 2014 album Space of a Second, it's set to be released on 2nd March via Lo Recordings.

It's received a remix treatment from Rusty Santos. The New York producer spreads Nicely's original vocals throughout the new electronic odyssey, a sonic circuitry of bleeps and panning synth chords that shatter and soothe alternately, all set to a rumbling industrial beat.

Nick Nicely was kind enough to share a few thoughts about his single.

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track? The death of a friend. The video (not released yet) also emphasises the transient nature of things (people, places). The music had some inspiration from those moody, minoresque post Rock n' Roll pre Beatles pop creations ('Sealed With A Kiss', 'Johnny Remember Me', 'Taste Of Honey') but analogue too and kind of far away in time.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best? It has those influences but it is obviously not made in the '60s. So best played in 2009, Los Angeles.

How do you hope or imagine people will react to it? Well that is something that is best not to think about, especially when making a track.... that's the way of calamity. You just have to do what feels good, always. How will people react? I think they'll notice the taste is slightly unusual... and will pick up the authenticity of the melancholy but not miss the acceptance of time's passage and a possible spectral reunion.

Listen to the original and the remix below.