Amazon Music has put together a Songs of Summer playlist, which will become available on June 3. They've enlisted a number of artists to record new songs like the Mountain Goats and Baio (Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio). Hear both of those offerings below, ahead of the playlist's release.

"I've always found late summer to be the most romantic time of year," There's a deep yearning that comes with saying goodbye to warmth & preparing for cold. 'Don't Fight Fate' is my attempt at a late-summer love song. The chorus melody, which I wrote a few years ago, always evoked that time of year for me. I believe that you can long for a place while you're still there, and you can long for a person while you're still with them. I wanted to channel that feeling of longing. I recorded 'Don't Fight Fate' now because it felt more in line with my album, The Names, then what I want to do with my next record. I guess it's my way of saying goodbye to my first record."