Spazzkid is just leaping and bounding ahead in the producer game, isn't he? And it's not a great surprise – his music is fantastic, filled with joy and cheer, each one almost like a celebration of life in some way, using synths and unique beats to carve out each of his sonic vignettes.

Having earlier this year released something on Daedelus's label Magical Properties, this standalone single arrives on the very sleek New York / London label, Cascine (recent home of London producer et aliae, if you remember rightly, or care to know), both releases proof of his talents.

'Daytime Disco' features the heavenly vocals of Korean singer-songwriter Yoojin Lim, aka Neon Bunny, placing her pop hooks over Spazzkid's wavy collection of synth chords. He masters dynamics for parts where Neon Bunny's voice hovers over candy booms of sub-bass, another where the cheerful ambient chatter of a restaurant appears, all the while accelerating the footwork-flavoured beat at will by injecting it with uzi-quick percussion rattles, the whole thing subtly ornamented with synth bleeps and twinkling guitar played by friend and sometime-collaborator, Hiro Makino (aka There Is a Fox).

Listen below.

Speaking of Spazzkid… Why don't you check out the guest mix he created for us? (The concept is a soundtrack for online shopping).