Mattokind is the new collaboration between Italian musician Jae and German producer Cristiano, and it is an equal collaboration from conception through to the final product; even the name strikes a balance between their styles and cultures, "Matto" being Italian for "crazy" and "kind" being German for "kid." It was almost an incidental thing that they started making music together, having crossed paths in Berlin's late night club scene, and ended up spending long hours together conversing and introducing each other to new music. From there it seemed like a natural next step to start making music together, even though their two fields are generally considered fairly disparate.

“Both of us wanted to start a new life in Berlin after doing the same kind of job for many years. Jae as a freelance classical violinist and Cristiano as a producer who could never find the time to make his own music. We found what we were looking for in each other - love and also a vocation," they say, by way of introducing listeners to their collaboration. That spark of inspiration they found in each other manifested itself quickly and excitingly, as Cristiano explains; “The first time we really started experimenting together was when we found ourselves in between homes, feeling a little lost and temporarily staying at a friend’s house, who happened to have a beautiful Steinway concert grand in the living room. One evening Jae sat on the piano and started bashing out some sad sounding chords and Cristiano started sampling it on his laptop - that was the beginning of our collaboration... Subsequently we holed ourselves up in our studio that winter and finished the production of the EP.”

The EP is sure to be an immersive and idiosyncratic listening experience. Before diving into it in its entirety, The 405 has the pleasure of bringing you Mattokind's debut track from the EP, 'Scenescape'. The song lets you acclimatise gradually to their icy production and patient melodicism, before cutting to the chase with burbling pianos and electronics, blurring the line between analogue and digital, taking you into a splendidly synthesized atmosphere. The duo's natural chemistry allows their individual abilities to shimmer as they dance around each other, creating an overall piece that is a testament to what can be achieved by minds with similar sensibilities communicating instinctually. Experience 'Scenescape' below.