Shit and Shine reveal a track that's part noise, part industrial, part punk – it's called 'Electric Pony 2' and it's completely fuzzy and crunchy and filled with mechanical noises and barely-heard flutters of vocodered vocal samples. Insectoid glistenings lance through the scuzzy growth of the track with metallic violence, gentle samples of jazz flashing momentarily towards the end, hyena synth squeaking and distorting in bursts of mechanised laughter – chattering croutons in this soup of electro-grunge.

It's taken from an album which is on the way called – wait for it – 54–Synth–Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral. Yes: this cryptic message of instrumental and numerological leanings is the title of the album, which is out 16th March via Rocket Recordings. You'll find the tracklist at the end of this post – one song is called 'Egg McMuffin' and I like that a lot.

Listen to the song, I mean 'Electric Pony 2', (but watch out for the flashing images if you don't take kindly to flashing images) below.

  • 54–Synth–Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral tracklisting:
  • 1. Electric Pony 2
  • 2. C2-6
  • 3. Cowboy Hat
  • 4. Goat $hit
  • 5. Love Your Hair - Hope You Win!
  • 6. Writing Poetry on Your Forehead
  • 7. Egg McMuffin