'Cedar Shed' was the first song I heard from then pretty unknown Canterburian producer Maria Sullivan aka Koloto. Since then, that song and a small collection of others made it onto her Mechanica EP – a glitched out moment in time that effuses as much technicality and classicism as it does actual VGM sounds and atmospherics.

Recently, remixes have come from far and wide for an updated version of the EP, a bonus edition if you will (notably including one from purveyor of chill, Sun Glitters). Right now though here is a particularly fabulous offering from Escaping Animals, who has torn 'Cedar Shed' into very pretty shreds.

The delicious mechanisations and clockwork tickings of the original get diced and stir-fried, mixed with a laid-back electro groove that bulges with bass and stutters with chopped beats, growing ever ambient and chill-inducing towards its end. It starts off sounding very like 'Cedar Shed' and gradually takes a different turn, courting pulsar stars as much as analogue pixel paintings of nature.

Grab the Bonus Remixes edition of the Mechanica EP here, courtesy of London label, Abandon Building.

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