Moving backwards from the original version of this track (the video for which we loved) here is the Freemasons remix (sorry but where have they been?). Because this one is more dance-oriented it seems as if it fits the diva vocals of Jennifer Hudson possibly more than the Gorgon City original. But who can say.

A new city where buildings tower upwards like glistening glass-and-steel stalagmites – yes, in the future we just keep building up. Up and up and up. Then we stop – the clouds, you see. These buildings are connected with walkways and tunnels; bridge-links on the 30th floor (and many other floors up high). We live inside, most of the time. There's too much smog to spend a full day outside, but suits us just fine. All amenities you could possibly want are inside. You can go swimming on the domed sky terrace-and-solarium of one building, take the elevator down and see a film, take the walkway (a moving walkway) across the great human chasms of the city, seeing all the other linking walkways tangled like a web – some catering for electric cars, some just people gliding along, some official municipal trains – to a 24-hour club.

Tracks bounce and grind and buzz like this one, effusing a heady nostalgia for the first house music carved out in Chicago a hundred years ago. The city is a beautiful inverted ant colony, sprawling, keeping us gracefully lifted from the ground; we take to our man-made trees once more, just like our ancestors millions of years ago also did.

This is the first of perhaps a few remixes of the original track. It comes from their already very celebrated album Sirens, which you can purchase here.

Discovery:Like the dance vibe of this one? Hear the rainy evening urgency of Saint Pepsi's remix of 'Don't Lose It' by Owlle.