To announce Astral Pattern's return to the world of live music, here's some live music by the London trio themselves. More particularly, it's a 27-minute-long live recording done at Strongroom, a unique Shoreditch recording studio that's attached to a decent bar/restaurant – or a nice bar/restaurant attached to a recording studio, whichever way you'd like to look at it.

The following is an electronic, synthetic odyssey, a voyage spun with drum machine regularity and glistening cosmic sounds. Sometimes it leans into a sonically illustrated dreamscape, other times it delves into dancefloor-destined addictiveness, but most of the time these two meet in the middle; a tide of fizzy chords, distorted loops and plaintive vocals that crash and swirl together gloriously to the beat of mechanised rhythms. It's transportive stuff – I imagine the arresting, soul-uplifting effect it'd have on you if you were to actually see this stuff live; I mean, hearing it is enough, but actually there in the flesh would be pretty special.

But all is not lost! Because as I said, Astral Pattern are heading back into live music. You will have the chance to catch them at The Lock Tavern on Friday 13th March. Can't make it? Don't worry: there are more shows to be announced.