Here is a symphony of fragility, almost, in the otherworldly 'Paper Widow' by Johanna Glaza. Plucked ukuleles and chiming glockenspiels tick harmoniously like gold and diamond music boxes sent from the ultimate azure of heaven (wherever that is – in your mind, most likely). Stratospheric synth chords breeze by with a kind of white noise ambience, enjoined by Johanna's own vocals, themselves faltering and fragile at times, which layer towards the end, singing various vocal melodies in a soft fugue of floating flavours alongside resonating chimes and gentle bass.

The B-side, 'Winter Song', is more brisk – got more of a spring in its step. Even though it's a song for winter. But I guess it's more a song for one of those glorious winter days when the sky is perfect blue and frost glistens on branches and when basically life and sunshine continues even when the land is frozen.

'Paper Widow' / 'Winter Song' is out on 30th November, on Inspired All Kinds Records.

Discovery: Check out her Letter To New York EP from earlier this year. We liked it.