As footwork spreads its jostling, hyperactive rhythms across the globe in an internet-led revival of the Chicago-born style, many producers make forays into this fun corner of music. One such is the Brighton-based Eone. We're happy to be premiering his bumping footwork effort, 'Continue Comme Ça'.

Inspired by "the footwork scene and a love of French cakes and coffee – I love all things Parisian so that's a big thing for me," (Eone told me over DMs on Twitter) the track floats on a fluid floor of gloriously hollow synth chords, its place in time and space subtly bent by thudding kicks. It alternates between frantic, skiffly sections of double-time rhythm and slower, head-nodding parts, always with arrhythmic ping-pong percussion popping and a truncated vocal sample: "Continue comme ça…" Hidden in its frenetic stylings is a nocturnal French joie de vivre, something carefree bubbling to the surface of this subterrean dancefloor-destined track.

It's taken from his upcoming Theia EP, scheduled for release 9th February on Numerology Records.